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It is complicated to plan a journey to a foreign country when you have a limited budget and lack time to plan a trip. Perhaps you do not even know yet what you may want to try? In the end, travelling is something we must only enjoy! We want to create a solution that will satisfy our own and several other travelling enthusiasts' demand in the more individual travelling plan without investing a lot of time.
“I spent three hours wandering around Dresden with no clue what to see” tells 22-year-old founder and the ideator Nikita Stepanovs. “Local maps and TripAdvisor suggestions made no sense. I was tired and wanted to have the plan at hand. That was the moment when Travelogram idea was born”. The next day, Nikita Stepanovs called his friends from Netherlands Daniils Fjodorvs and Nikita Arcimovich, who joined forces together to build a new company providing personalized travel suggestions.
Meet Our Team
Nikita Stepanov

Daniils Fjodorovs


Nikita Arcimovich


Ivan Barnich

App/Web Developer

Zhenning Zhang

Database Specialist

Madi Abzhanov

App/Web Developer

Nikita Saprinskiy

AI Developer

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